Playlist: January 6, 2012


ZX CollabHeilzanax [Death in Vegas (Heil Xanax) deconstruction, reconstitution]
Dead Can DanceOceanDead Can Dance
MuslimgauzeDegageCoup D’Etat/Abu Nidel
MachaW. Java: Gamelan (Gong Orchestra)Macha
Sheila ChandraQuiet 4Quiet
LeftfieldPhat PlanetRhythm and Stealth
Love and RocketsMotorcycleLove and Rockets
UNKLEMoney and Run (feat. Nick Cave)Only the Lonely – EP
Red Lorry Yellow LorryHollow EyesGeneration – the best of
TinoLiquid Dub [Jack Dangers Mix]Pro.File, Vol. 1: Remix Collection
Karsh KaleHome [Navdeeps’s Pressure Mix]Redesign – Realized
Red Lorry Yellow LorryChanceGenerations – the best of
Adam Freeland – Burn the ClockFabriclive. 16
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls (Trentemoller Remix)Reworked/Remixed
Death in VegasMedication (Fearless Nightcrawler Mix) Medicine – EP
RadioheadReckoner (James Holden Mix)Global Underground Vol. 37: Bangkok
The Locust – We Have Reached an Official Verdict: And No One Gives a ShitNew Erections
All LeatherMystery MeatWhen I Grow Up I Wanna Fuck Like a Girl
Arab on Radar Molar SystemQueen Hygiene II – Rough Day at the Orifice
Miss Kitten & The HackerParty in My HeadTwo
The OrbThe Dream (The Future Academy of Noise, Rhythm and Gardening Mix)The Dream
Karen O, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Immigrant Song (Single)


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