Playlist: April 27, 2012

Hour One – Download Entire Show Here (Right-Click to save file)
Artist/ Track/ Album
iD the Poet/ Thanatos/ (digital download)
Wormhole Effect/ Columbia Narcotica/ Wormhole Effect KCR live recording in the studio 1998
Tristeza/ untitiled/ KCR live recording in the studio 1999
Soul Junk/ Untitield/ KCR live recording in the studio 1999
GoGoGo Airheart/ Untitiled/ KCR live recording in the studio 1999
Paul Weller/ Wild Wood (Portishead Mix)/ Trip Hop Test, Vol.1
The Crystal Method/ Dubeliscious Groove/ Trip Hop Test, Vol.1
Avatars of Dub/ Uptown Jungle/ Babylon Is Ours – USA in Dub

Hour Two
Artist/ Track/ Album
Iron Cross/ Live for Now/ 20 Years of Dischord
The Untouchables/ Nic Fit/ 20 Years of Dischord
Red C/ Pressure’s On/ 20 Years of Dischord
Bow Wow Wow/ I Want Candy
Devo/ Girl U Want
Cabaret Voltaire/ I Want You (12″ Mix)/ EP
Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Roots/ You Got Me [Live]/ Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Soundtrack
The Kronos Quartet/ Fall: Supermarket Sweep/ Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack
The Kronos Quartet/ Winter: Meltdown/ Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack
Michael Galasso/ Ankor Wat Theme II/ In the Mood for Love Soundtrack
Anoushka Shankar, Jeff Lynne/ The Inner Light/ Concert for George Soundtrack
A.R. Rahman/ Ringa Ringa/ Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Primal Scream/ Trainspotting/ Trainspotting Soundtrack


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