Playlist: June 15, 2012 – Guest DJ: Justin Pearson

Hour One Listen to the entire show here (right-click to save file)
Artist/ Track/ Album
Ill Saint M/  A Pig’s Orphan (featuring Justin Pearson)
Kill the Capulets/ Fire
*Tit Wrench/ (Oscar Mayer Wiener Theme Song)
Narrows/ Under the Guillotine
Las Pilanderas Momposinas/  Cumbia Solenena(Ku Bo Edit)
Black Dice/ Pinball Wizard/ Mr. Impossible
Schlag Schlag/  Smoke Smoke
Slayer/ Angel of Death (DJ  Ding Dong Remix)
Doomsday Student/ Ape in Love/ A Jumper’s Handbook/
unknown/ Golden Marches
Battalion of Saints/ Hell’s Around the Next Corner/ Death-R-Us
ESe & Zain/ Political Sirens
Warsawwasraw/ Jahiliya (Leg Lifters remix)
Paper Mice/ Swine Flu Suits
Anton LaVey/ Satan Takes a Holliday
Scud Nips – Dumb Jock
Backoff Cupids/ Rock And Roll
Tinsel Teeth/ Like Rubber Sniffing Glue

Hour Two
Artist/ Track/ Album/ – Notes Comments
Hank Marvin and the Shadows/ Bombay Duck
Tom Waits/ Hell Broke Luce/ Bad as Me
Geronimo – All Around the World
Antony and the Johnsons – Hitler in my Heart
Masaki Satu/ Cells/ Hipster Death Sampler
Bird Blobs/ Stihl Life/ Stihl Life
Wolf Eyes/ Stabbed in the Face

* Failed to list this track earlier





How about some Designer Drugs? 😀

Xavier Vasquez


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