Playlist: December 14, 2012 – Guest DJ: Cari Veach (DJ Hard-On)

Hour One  Listen to the entire show here (right-click to save file)
Artist/ Track/ Album
Die Antwoord/ Beat Boy/ $O$
Fugazi/ Lusty Scripps/ Instrument
Hella/ Top Twenty Notes/ The Devil Isn’t Red
Sleeping People/ Klinik/ Notruf

Carson McWhirter/ Gatekeeper’s Invitation/ SNDPVN
Old Man Gloom/ Hot Salvation/ Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism
Cavity/ Fuck Diablo/ Miscellaneous Recollections 92-97
108/ Curse of Instinct/ Creation. Sustenance. Destruction
Upsilon Acrux/ Boa vs. Crab/ Galapagos Momentum
sBACH/ Track 06/ sBACH
Bade Dudes/ Mendez on Mendez/ Bad Dudes

Hour Two
Artist/ Track/ Album
Everybody/ Seeing Isnt’ Believing/ None of this Music is Real
MAGMA/ Soleil d’Ork/ Udu Wudu
Venusian Summer/ Chicken Fried Steak/ Venusian Summer
Can/ I’m So Green/ Ege Bamyasi
Nine Inch Nails/ Gave Up/ Broken
The Dillinger Escape Plan/ 43% Burnt/ Calculating Infinity
Crass/ Birth Control ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Christ: The Album
The Locust/ Who Wants a Dose of the Clap?/ Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs
Aphex Twin/ IZ-US/ Come to Daddy
Converge/ Locust Reign/ The Poacher Diaries
Chll Pll/ She Owns/ Aggresively Humble
Yowie/Shriners Sure Do Cuss Alot/ Damning With Faint Praise


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