Friday, February 8, 2013: Guest DJ Glen Galloway Enters the System

We are honored to have guest dj Glen Galloway this Friday in the studio for a LIVE guest DJ session.
 Co-founder of Singing Serpent Studio in San Diego, CA, Glen is also well known from his time with Truman’s Water, Soul-Junk and now Octa#-Grape. Check it out this Friday, February 8th at 6pm, for two hours of what should be a swell time in the system.

Soul-Junk – LIVE – El Campo Ruse Theater, January 16, 1998
Part of a triple-bill of DJ Sleepwalker, Soul-Junk, and The Black Heart Procession. 
Hosted by KCR, San Diego State University
 Soul Junk – KCR 30th Anniversary Concert, August 28, 1999
The Backdoor, Aztec Center, SDSU San Diego, CA

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