Playlist: February 8, 2013 Guest DJ Glen Galloway

Hour One Listen to the entire show here (right-click to save file)

Artist/ Track/ Album
Cop City Chill Pillars/ Jennifer/ Held Hostage on Planet Chill
Sun City Girls/ Radar 1941/ Torch of the Mystics
Os Mutantes/ Bat Macumba/ Os Mutantes
Bazooka/ Shame Take My Brain/ Shame Take My Brain (7 inch)
Tom Reccion/ Flying Weather/ Chaotica
Unwound/ Hexenszene/ New Plastic Ideas

This Heat/ Horizontal Hold/ This Heat
Alternative TV/ Action Time Vision/ Action Time Vision
Regle Degle/ As Fury/ Format Worth (Cassette)
Albert Ayler Trio/ Ghosts :First Variation (Side A)/ Spiritual Unity

Hour Two
Artist/ Track/ Album
Mustafa Ozkent/ Emmioglu/ Glenclik Ile Elele
Sonic Youth/ Expressway to Yr Skull/ Evol

The Ooga Boogas/ Live at Gonerfest
The Pretty Things/ Baron Saturday/ SF Sorrow

Radio Thailand/ Lam Barometer/ Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom
TY Segall/ Imaginary Person/ Melted
The Boredoms/ Powwow Now/ Soul Discharge
OBN III’s/ License Plate/ OBN III’s
The Zombies/ Walking in the Sun


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