Playlist: October 25, 2013 | Guest DJ – Travis Ryan

Hour One
Artist/ Track/ Album
Throbbing Gristle/ Janitor of Lunacy/ XTG-Desertshore
Telstar Ponies/ Last Outpost/ From Voices of the New Music
Sol Invictus/ Against the Modern World/ Against the Modern World
Vijaya Anand/  Dheem Thana Thana Nana/ Dance Raja Dance
Ms. Sancha/ Do You Wanna/ Taking it Doggy Style
Rodd Keith/ In the Stillness of the Night/ I Died Today
Rebecca Black/ It’s Friday (slowed-down x5 by Journeaux) [EXCLUSIVE!]

Michael Bludworth/ I Want To Know
Silencer/ Sterile Nails and Thunder Bowels/ Death Pierce Me
Upsilon Acrux/ unknown/ Live at Travis’ Parents House
Warning/ Soldier of the Light/ Electric Eyes
Klaus Nomi/ Cold Song/ Encore!
Diamanda Galas/ My World is Empty Without You/ Live
uum/ untitled/ Recorded LIVE at KCR – SDSU College Radio 1998
Fever Ray/ When I Grow Up/ Fever Ray
Die Antwoord/ I Don’t Need You/ $0$
Dengue Fever/ Seeing Hands/ Venus on Earth
Chromelodeon Vs. Longmont Potion Castle
Void of Silence/ Anger/ Criteria Ov 666
Anal Flatulance/ Hamburger Foreskin/ Felching, Fisting, and Munging the Propane Method


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